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What is a birth doula?

The word "doula" originated in ancient Greece and simply meant "servant". In terms of childbirth, it now refers to a non-medical professional who provides continuous physical and emotional support during labor, childbirth, and immediately after. Imagine if you could take your childbirth educator with you to your birth - that is what is like to have a birth doula!

Studies have shown that hiring a doula can help reduce the use of interventions in childbirth and improves the experience overall.  Click here for details.

Doulas do not give medical advice or perform or interpret medical procedures such as vital signs, fetal heart tones, or vaginal exams. As a doula, I give birthing parents the information they need to make their own informed decisions and I am supportive of those decisions no matter what.

I consider it an honor to be invited to attend the birth of a new baby.