Margie Levy, Certified Birth Doula

Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area Since 2002

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*Please provide your due date, name of your care provider, where you plan to give birth, and the area in which you live. 

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How it All Works

The first interview is free of charge. It is a chance for you to get to know who I am and to see if you feel I can be of help to you. If you decide to hire me, I will need a deposit of half my fee to reserve my services, the signed contract, and the history and information sheet filled out. The remainder of the fee is due 2 weeks prior to your due date (4 weeks for twins).

Once I receive your signed contract, I will send you a package containing your birth ball, my hypnosis audio file, an e-file with all my reading material, and wallet cards or an e-card with detailed information on how to reach me (or my backup). All these items are yours to keep. During the last month of your pregnancy, we will meet twice for comprehensive prenatal visits to discuss birth choices, the many comfort measures I use, and any other concerns. We can use this time to develop a birth plan so that you know I will be advocating for what you want in this birth. We will also discuss breastfeeding, postpartum concerns, and baby care. This is the time to bring up any questions no matter how trivial you may think they are. There is no such thing as a silly question. You may call for as many phone consultations as you need so that you can feel prepared and comfortable. I’m also available through email or text.

When you are in labor, I will join you at the point where you feel need extra support. Contractions are usually about 5-6 minutes apart and about 60 seconds long. The most important factor in deciding when I should come is your comfort level. If it is sooner than what I’ve described above, but you feel that you need me, then I will come sooner. If you are questioning whether or not to call me, that means you should call me! 

If you are not delivering at home, I will stay with you at home until it is time to go to the hospital or birthing center. We then take separate cars to the birthing facility and I will follow right behind you. If you feel that I must come in your car with you, I will ask you to provide the cab fare back to my car after the birth. Sometimes people want to go right to the hospital. If this is the case, I will meet you there.

Once at the birthing facility, I stay with you and continue to use whatever comfort measures work best for you. I stay throughout the delivery and immediate postpartum period. Some of the comfort measures that I use are massage, aromatherapy, hypnosis, relaxation, visualization, breathing, the birth ball, alternate positioning and walking, ice, heat, and hydrotherapy. 

Whenever possible, I help mom and baby establish initial breastfeeding within the first hour or so after delivery. I provide a follow up visit where I go over the birth with you, check to see that all is well with you and the baby, provide breastfeeding support, and answer any questions you have. You are also free to call me whenever you have a postpartum question or need a referral to another service.

You are free to customize your services. There are no services that you must accept. If there is anything that you don't see mentioned above, please feel free to ask me if I can provide it for you. Remember, I want to do this your way.